I have a strong spirit of serving. Always have.

This spirit of serving stems from when I was a kid.  My parents did the best they could with my little sister and me but they were never around.  Ever.  So it was basically up to me to take care of us.  I grew up in a hurry and learned many lessons at an early age, like self-reliance and resilience for starters.  All that shaped me into the person I am today.

Let’s fast forward a few years and it’s off to corporate I go.  Anyone who’s been at corporate knows you’re doing the job of four people and working at an insane pace. Add to that the impossible deadlines to meet.  And you’re always, always short on resources and staff.  (I see you nodding your head.)

Many times at corporate I was the only one to do whatever it was that needed to be completed.  There was no one else. I was it.  We were so short staffed, it seemed as if I were the only one holding up the mountain. Nevertheless, I just gutted it out and got it done.

Feeling isolated, as if there’s no one to help you,  is not a good feeling.

It’s why I do what I do.

At heart, I am a connection junkie.  Connecting people to the resources they need (or not yet know they need) jazzes me up.  It’s a kick to get these solopreneurs connected with a virtual assistant or an online business manager who can support them.  The peace of mind a hardworking solopreneur gets when they offload tasks — that weight being lifted, the tension eased —- that never gets old for me.  Running a business takes guts; it’s rewarding, challenging and flat out scary at times.  I love knowing I’m helping to make the process a little smoother.

I once met a smart, successful solopreneur at an event whose business was on the upswing.  Both of us love business and had a long, fabulous conversation. Then she told me she puts in nineteen-hour days, six, sometimes seven, days a week.  She gets to her emails at midnight. What struck me was, she wasn’t complaining at all, merely stating a fact.

My heart went out to her because that pace is simply unsustainable. “Please get help,” I practically begged, “for the sake of your business and sanity.”  So she told me about a few horrible assistant experiences she had and I understood immediately.  If I were in her shoes, I’d have been gun shy about seeking help as well.

Unfortunately, her needs were a bit different than what we offered.  But since then, I’ve always been on the lookout for someone who might be a great fit for her.  From time to time, I check in with her to see if she found someone, silently hoping she’ll reply back with a yes.  Last I heard, she had a lead.

Anytime a small business owner gets help makes me happy, even if it’s not from us.  Help, the right kind of help is a good thing.  My wish for all small business owners is, get great help and rock the lights out. 

I realize for some it’s not easy to ask for help (at times I’m guilty as charged).  We are grateful that our clients trust us with their business and with the reputation of their business.  That’s a big deal and it’s a privilege to be on this adventure with them.

If you’re a soloprenuer who is doing #allthethings and need a trusty sidekick, ring me up to see how a VA can help.

Yours in the adventure,

Angie & Team AngCo