Google, Bing, and Yahoo love fresh content and find it irresistible, so frequently adding content to your website is a great way to increase website traffic and visibility, improve search engine results and better page rankings.  Blogging is your opportunity to build credibility and trust; it allows you to show the voice of you or your business.  This can be a powerful marketing tool to inform and educate, further building authority and familiarity through excellent content.

The Cool Part 

Do you know how people land on your site?  You’ll see in Google Analytics the phrases and keywords people used in their search to find you.  Also great is seeing which posts get the most traffic, valuable information that shows the interests of your audience.

Ditch the Pitch

Blogging is not a sales pitch.  It’s about what your audience wants to read.  Educating and storytelling is one way to increase sales.

Need content ideas for your blog?  

  • A how-to guide of your product or service
  • Blog about networking events you attended within your industry or niche.  Share photos or a vid
  • A tutorial of product or service.  Video is a nice changeup from text and screenshots.
  • Stories are memorable.  Tell them.
  • Interview an expert
  • Do a case study.  Show your track record.
  • Let others tell your story with testimonials
  • What do you know that others don’t?
  • Are there changes you’d like to happen within your industry?  Blog about your opinions.
  • Frequently asked questions about your business
  • Announcements, new news, events, milestones, anniversaries
  • Blog about your customers problems and how to solve them
  • Post videos or pictures of you, your business, your staff
  • Remember to include a question at the end or invite your audience to comment

Blogging is a fabulous tool to improve your SEO and brand yourself as an expert.  You may not have a huge readership, but those people are there for a reason; they’re interested in what you blog about.

Ready to blog?