Whenever I tell someone I’m a virtual assistant the first question I’m asked is, “so what do you do exactly?” I usually rattle off some of my typical tasks like eNewsletter creation, graphic design, editing, writing, project managing and so on. These are normal and most virtual assistants wear multiple hats in a single afternoon. We work with small business owners and take care of their everyday tasks so they have time to catch the big fish.

We also get feisty when something threatens our clients and their business.

A couple of months ago I arrived at a client’s office to have our monthly in-person meeting; the look on my client’s face told me all was not well. My client proceeded to tell me about an incredibly difficult situation they were facing in their business. Someone had short-changed them and then attempted to slander their good name so they would not have to pay for services rendered. It was incredibly stressful and involved other people my client had been working with.

When my client finished they turned to me and said, “I’m sorry to dump all of this on you.  It’s just that I don’t have anyone I can really talk with about it.”

Even though I was feeling frustrated and angry for my client, I calmly reminded them of their high ethical standards. How they work tirelessly, going above and beyond to make sure every person is happy. I got to remind my client of their longtime achievements and how much repetitive business they get.  I also told my client that whatever was going on with this person did not have anything to do with how they ran their business. “It’s not you,” I said. “It’s them. I know how much people’s happiness and well being means to you, but please don’t let them try and pin this on you. You’ve done nothing wrong.”

After I had finished my client said, “Thank you so much. I really needed to hear that.”

When you hire a virtual assistant, you’re not just getting someone who reminds you to send out emails. You also get a cheerleader, an advocate and a listener. We love being your sounding board and we will always have your back.

Why? Because we care.