Matchmaking Virtual Assistants and Small Business Owner“Matchmaker, matchmaker, make me a match. Find me a find, catch me a catch.”

(You’re welcome for the earworm.)

Matchmaking is what I do.  I get a call from a business owner needing some help, think about the virtual assistants on my team, and decide which ones would be a good fit. Sounds easy, right? Not exactly. There is a lot involved in the matchmaking process.

First, I talk to you to understand your needs. (There’s a good chance you’re not exactly clear what those are. The scope of a project changes frequently in this business, even during the initial phone consultation.) Then I think about the skills of the virtual assistants. Who rocks at doing what you need?  Once I have that in mind, I consider other things. Does the assistant I’m thinking about have time for this?  Is this an ongoing gig?  Will personalities and communication styles mesh?  Next, I talk to the VA about you. After that discussion, I may come back to you and say that a virtual assistant really isn’t your best option at the moment.


As you know, I have complete faith in my team and they’re wonderful. I could brag about them all day. And most days, I do.   Hiring a virtual assistant (especially one of mine) is one of the best business decisions you can make. However, I’m just going to come right out and say this: sometimes a virtual assistant isn’t going to be your best bet. In order for the virtual relationship to work to your benefit, you must be able to do a few things.

The first is to delegate. If you’re a micromanager, you’re going to have to let go and let our experts do their job. If you cannot give out tasks, an assistant will be of little to no help to you.

The second is to communicate. Your virtual assistant needs to know what you need. The more you clearly communicate your expectations, the more the results will be exactly what you’re looking for. You’ll also need to be receptive to communication. If you ignore your assistant when she tells you something is needed from you before proceeding, the task cannot be done. Non-communicators generally don’t make very good matches.

The third is to allow for time. Virtual assistants are great about getting back to you pretty quickly, but if you’re the type to call with a task at 8 am and want it done by 8:30, that may not be possible. The virtual assistant could be working on another project and your request will have to take a spot in the queue.  Not always ideal.  If you’re a last-minute kind of entrepreneur, an in-house employee might be a better option.

As much as you’re looking for a great virtual assistant, my virtual assistants are looking for great clients. Think about it. Do you fit the bill?

I’ll end with this:

Team of virtual assistants in search of smart and savvy entrepreneurs. Must love their business, communication, and delegating. Martin the Micromanager, Silent Stanley, and Last-Minute Louise need not apply. For a business boost, call Angie 612-789-0304.

As always, thanks for reading.

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