time is money virt asstOne of the biggest reasons I’ve ever heard not to hire a virtual assistant is that entrepreneurs think they cannot afford one, even though they spend their time on non-income-generating activities.

The truth is you really cannot afford to not have one.

Let’s say you can’t swim.  Would you jump cannon-ball-style into the water first or would you buy a lifejacket to keep you afloat?  Hiring a virtual assistant is very similar.  No shocker here, but extra help is often needed to make a business run more efficiently and your smart, savvy virtual assistant could be the difference between your staying above water or not.

Most entrepreneurs say time is money. The more time you waste doing things you’re not suited to do, like blogging, social media, payroll, and website updates, the more money you’re throwing down the drain. What’s your ROI on social media updates? Sure, they’re important, but let’s say your pay rate is $150 an hour. Spending even four hours working on tasks that you’re not very good at costs you $600.  A VA who’s great at social media can do the same tasks in an hour and save you hundreds of dollars.  You’re the idea and strategic person, the CEO, not the content writer and social media manager.

Virtual assistants are also less expensive because you can hire them only when you need them. They have several clients, and like you, they don’t get all of their revenue from just one client.   So you may only need them for five hours a month, and that’s fine with them. Put an ad in the paper for that. (I’ll wait.) See how many employees are looking for an hour a week. I bet you won’t have too many applicants. And when they do apply, there’s insurance and taxes to pay.  That’s not the case with virtual assistants and you won’t have to give them envelope-stuffing tasks to keep them on the payroll.

Your virtual assistant will also save you money on the cost of goods, services, and supplies. Because they work with a variety of clients, they know which services are the best, which companies are great to work with and which ones you should stay away from, and they even know where to find the best money saving coupons if that’s your thing.

And this brings us back to the age-old question. Hiring a virtual assistant will save you money in so many ways. How can you afford to run a business without one?

Call me. Let’s chat about how much of your valuable time you can save.

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