I understand why solopreneurs don’t hire a virtual assistant. Maybe their business just isn’t there yet. Can I really afford this? Money and lack of time to train are usually the big reasons.

Time is valuable.  It’s not something you can grow, rent or buy.  And let’s face it, it’s difficult to grow and strengthen a business when you’re spending three hours trying to figure out how to automate your email responders or update your site with new content, tasks a VA could do in thirty minutes.

What could you have done to grow your business with those three hours?

Imagine what it would be like trying to run your business without your computer.  Or open a store without inventory.  Supplies and inventory are necessities. Someone to delegate tasks to, such as a virtual assistant, is also a business necessity.

One of our newer clients recently mentioned she thought having a virtual assistant was a luxury until her business coach compared business babies to real babies. So let’s say your small child needs day care  Do you leave them home alone while you work because daycare is a luxury?  Do you feed your little darlings junk food because fruits and veggies cost more? Of course not.

No kids? Okay, how about your car? Do you put gas in it? Do you pay to have your oil changed? Your tires rotated?

Those aren’t luxuries. They’re necessities.

As the chief executive officer of your business, your business is worthy of the same care and attention.

The good news is business necessities are tax deductible. You probably knew that – that’s why you have that shoebox full of receipts, right? (Which, by the way, your virtual assistant can enter into your bookkeeping program.)  Anyway, a virtual assistant is tax deductible. If the IRS doesn’t see it as a luxury, no need for you to either.

Some of our clients have been using virtual assistants for years and would not run their business without one.  Most of our clients would rather be doing what they love or be at networking events or creating new products or services than being stuck doing tasks their just not into.

What would it be like if you played in your zone of genius most of the time? How much would your business grow and expand?

Yours in the adventure,