A great and easy way to spice up your social media is through the use of short videos, a hot trend that is effective with people.  Videos allow your audience to really connect with you, to get to know you.  The equipment is inexpensive and they’re easy to make.

So welcome to The Video Age.  To get started, buy a good flip camera.  Take some time and have fun playing around in it to understand the basics of sound, zoom, and editing.  Add in a lapel mic, a remote for the camera, and a tripod and you’re ready to roll. 

Okay, so this isn’t a Superbowl ad.  You’re looking for decent production quality.  The point is to connect with your customers and prospects.

There are many different videos you can quickly make.  Take customers on a video tour of your business, highlighting any changes or upgrades.  Do a “meet the staff,” especially great for those extroverts.  Tell your story.  Interview happy customers.  Announce specials, promotions, or new products and services.  Do a tip of the week.  Do an Ask The Expert segment.  Anything that you want to convey to your customers, you can do them on video.  Make sure to keep them short, three minutes or less, and have fun with them. 

Give this a whirl.  Good luck!