Sharing a quick list of Twitter resources that have helped me to have a better tweeting experience.

Hootesuite is a great social media management tool that allows you to monitor your Facebook biz page, personal page, LinkedIn, YouTube and more. This tool makes it easy to schedule tweets with its date and time feature.  Hootesuite also has a handy dandy link shortener with analytics to quickly see which links have been clicked.  You can also save your keywords and recover them with a click of a button.

LocalTweeps also known as the zip code level Twitter directory. Use this to find and get found by tweeps near you.  Can search by keyword, city or zip

TagDef shows you what a hashtag really means.  You can even add your own hashtag too.

Twellow a search directory of people by area of expertise, profession or other keywords listed in Twitter profiles.

Twellowhood makes it easy to find Twitter followers near you.

TwitCleaner If you’re tired of the noise on Twitter, this tool will help.  It analyzes the people you follow, identifies the time wasters and spammers and creates a detailed report of everyone you’re following.

Twitter Resources for buttons, widgets, logos and more.

TwtPoll is an easy-to-use survey/poll twitter app to get feedback from your followers.  Easy to share this in your social networks or embed it into your blog or web site.

Twubs use this tool to see if a hashtag is already used by another organization or event.  You can also register your own hashtag.

These are just a few resources and there are many more available to make your tweeting more focused and productive.  Do take the time to play around with these.  You may be surprised.