A lot of people I bump into tell me they don’t understand Twitter and think it’s a waste of time.  The reasons to join the Twitterverse are many, though it should be part of an overall marketing strategy.  It isn’t the end all, be all.  Nor is it an instant thing; it takes time.  It’s okay to lurk around a bit, get the feel, pick up followers, find people to follow.

It’s worth it.  As a former skeptic, I had resisted the whole Twitter deal and went into it prepared to really dislike it.  I was pleasantly surprised by the unexpected benefits.  And shocked too.

So below are a few reasons why I value Twitter: 

  • Twitter folks are approachable 
  • And very helpful 
  • Excellent accessibility.  Have made new contacts within my industry, locally and globally 
  • Continue to network with some fantastic people who have exposed me to a boatload of information  
  • Tweeps generously share their knowledge 
  • Enjoy watching, listening, and reading the thoughts and opinions of others 
  • Engaged in chats with potential customers 
  • And current customers, continuing to deepen that connection 
  • Have found Twitter to be an excellent tool to build brand awareness through quality content and engagement 
  • Constantly inspired 
  • And laugh a lot.  It’s fun to see the different personalities, the wit and banter 
  • Added bonus:  I’ve won tickets to a Twins game, a t-shirt, a great bar of chocolate and two tickets to a comedy show.   

Would you like to build your network and connect with like-minded people?  What’s holding you back from joining Twitter?