Everywhere you go “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas.”  And I have the perfect gift for your business. It’s not something you’ll find in a store or get tired of.  You won’t even have to find more space on a shelf for it either.

Give your business the gift of virtual assistance this year! (You’re shocked, right?)

Unlike that overpriced toy monkey you stood in line for on Black Friday, a virtual assistant is a useful gift long after Christmas and keeps giving all year long. Whether your assistant is onboarding your new clients, processing orders, creating content, working on email blasts, or booking your travel, you can count on your VA to be right there helping your business grow from now through the next Christmas and many more.

The longer you and your virtual assistant are a team, the more she can help your business, which is always a valuable asset. Your assistant increases in value alongside your business, too, and very few gifts appreciate in value as the years go by.  A virtual assistant isn’t just for a one-off project (though they often do that as well).  Your assistant can be with you and your business for the next decade (or five) if you want.

A virtual assistant does not break or require a service plan. When you bought that tablet or cell phone you had to get a screen protector and a service plan so if it breaks you get your money back. Virtual assistants aren’t glitchy like electronics and will adapt to new updates for as long as you do!

How many gifts save you money? A virtual assistant will save your business money. The service pays for itself time and again. Whether your assistant takes time-consuming tasks off your plate, helps with research and development, or does things you just have no idea how to do, your business will be saving money left and right.  Because it costs your business a lot more if you do everything yourself. (Of course this assumes your hourly rate is more than a VA’s.)

A virtual assistant takes up zero space on your desk. I promise you none of AngCo’s virtual assistants will take up space in your office unless you want them to. They don’t require PCs or phone systems, electricity, heat, or a water cooler to stand around discussing last night’s episode of The Walking Dead. They provide all of those things for themselves (hello savings on overhead!).

Your children won’t be stuck with them when you die. Have you ever watched Strange Inheritance? “I have to find a place to get rid of my dad’s virtual assistant,” said no heir ever.

These are just a few reasons a virtual assistant will make a fantastic gift for your business.

You know where to find me if you’d like to chat.

Yours in the adventure,