Minnesota is getting its Super Bowl on.  Everywhere you go, you see football-themed stuff. It’s in the grocery stores, online, TV, and even your mom is talking about it.  It’s impossible to escape it, even if you’re not a football fan. The thing about the Super Bowl is this big lead up to the event.  Finally, the big day comes and for a few hours, most of the country watches the game.  People celebrate or curse at their losing team.  The next day, everyone is over it. Sure, there are still a few sore losers, but for the most part, life as we know it has resumed and the country is moving on to the next big celebration.

Launching a product or website goes that way sometimes. Small business owners make it all the way to the big event. They pull out all the stops, investing strategy and time, and planning like their lives depend on it. They enlist help in the areas they lack. Then they launch their product or service. And not long after, they drop the ball with a loud thud.

A dropped ball is not the way to maintain sales. Even though the excitement of the actual launch is over, the product still needs attention and promotion.  The big launch might sustain you for a while, but if you’re slacking off in the locker room, others are training hard for their own big day to grab the attention of your clients and customers.  Touchdown.

Maybe you’re not sure how to keep your product in the minds of people for months and years after its initial launch. Perhaps you lack the understanding of the technology involved. Maybe you know what to do, but you simply need a break.  We understand and can help you with all of those things.

While you were savvy enough to get the help leading to the big launch, trying to do it all yourself after that is ridiculous. Your virtual assistant’s support after the launch is important. Now that you have all this extra business, it’s time to nurture it. You’ll also need time to develop a new product or service, too, and that’s where your trusty virtual assistant comes in — to take time-consuming tasks off your plate, leaving you with more time to build your business muscles for the next game.

AngCo’s virtual assistants are with you every step of the way up to the big game, cheer you on the entire time, and help you train for the next one.

You know where to find me if you’re ready for this valuable resource.

Yours in the adventure,