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Short-staffed and overwhelmed, I contracted with Angie and her team to “fill in the gaps” on a website project that hadn’t been completed in two years.  A keen observer in the strength of others, she draws out the best in people and provided the impetus to move things forward, put the pieces together and finish the project!  David Clark

Angie injects drama into every single project.  She has a way of making things more exciting and vital.  It’s always a great time working with Angie!  L.Liz

Angie is more enthusiastic and energetic than most people.  It’s obvious that her greatest joy is by encouraging others.  She is generous with praise and quick to smile. She will make your organization more positive and dynamic. Christy Lee

Our e-commerce site improved over 300 percent in three months.  Need I say more? Kerstin and Co.

Angie has been working and having a lot of fun getting my photography business noticed.   She’s trained me on Twitter and set me up on Twitpic so I can tweet out pictures for lots of hits and smiles.  We worked together to create a great and awesome video for YouTube.  I really enjoy working with Angie and look forward to many more projects!  Got a budget?  Angie works with you to get you what you want and need in a time frame you can manage.  Thanks Angie!  Julie Fields, Fields of Photography

Angie completely opened the door for me and my business by encouraging me to use Twitter and to integrate social media in a very smart way into my web site.  I’m a web designer, and admittedly, I was somewhat behind the curve with leveraging social media. Angie sat down with me to teach me not only the basics of Twitter, but she encouraged me all throughout the process. Throughout our training, she’d say “I’m excited about how your business is going to grow!” – and she meant it!  She makes a great coach.  With her guidance I became motivated to learn even more about Twitter and social networking integration for WordPress. These are skills and knowledge that I can now pass on to my clients! I had amazing MEASURABLE results in the first month. After putting together a simple strategy for integrating Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn into my blog posts and web pages, I saw my monthly hits on DOUBLE in one month! On another site, I saw a 50% increase in traffic with DOUBLE the unique visitors in one month. My sites are seen by more people, and I’m able to share my content with a much broader audience! Angie gets my highest recommendation!  Scott Schumacher, Web Designer and Holistic Health Practitioner

Dear Angie, Your social media help, suggestions, and knowledge have been priceless! I have learned so much and a lot about having patience with social media!  You have answered many questions and are a pleasure to talk with. Thank you so much.  Michael Gacek, NEmplshomes


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