I could tell something clicked for our new solopreneur client.  “It really is true.  A team brings much more to the table than one individual” she said softly and matter-of-factly at the end of a productive brainstorming call.  I knew of her prior struggles — it had been a while since this client had experienced a positive collaboration like that.

And I’ve taken for granted that collaboration; that simple statement from our solopreneur was an excellent reminder for me.

There is no “’I’ in TEAM,” a line you’ve heard a time or two.  I like to think of what we have here at AngCo as a powerhouse. Each of my virtual assistants is brag-worthy, but today I want to brag about them as a team, a strong force and pretty darn amazing if I do say so myself!

Recently we brought on a new client who needed all sorts of help — to write blog posts, “do” social media, keep expense records, redesign a website, track inventory, find new places to market her services, and start cranking out the email newsletters again.  Now that might be exhausting to even think about, maybe even overwhelming. There cannot possibly be someone who can do all that and if there is, they certainly don’t have time, right?”

Wrong. Well, sort of. Yes, there are people with all those areas of expertise and we have a few jack-of-all-trades on this team.  You’re also correct to assume I don’t have one specific virtual assistant who can devote 18 hours a day to support your growing business.  What the AngCo team does have, however, is several VAs to collectively make up those hours.

Here’s how that goes.

When you and I talk, I’ll match the ideal virtual assistant with your business needs and goals.  So if you need 8 hours of expense tracking and 15 hours of email management and 20 hours of just general administrative “stuff,” I can split that up among three virtual assistants.  Or four.  You get the picture.  You get the strongest VA in each area so your business gets top notch support from the entire team, including me, no matter how many hours of support required.  I’m there myself each step of the way, cheering you on from behind the scenes. We all want to see you succeed, individually and collectively.  It’s why we do what we do, dear small business owner.

So the AngCo team has a combined experience of over 300 years, which is more than one single virtual assistant could accumulate in a lifetime.  And when our clients need help with a task their VA isn’t very strong in (like pay per clicks, don’t even get me started), she’ll ask someone else on the team for guidance and feedback, or depending on the task, another assistant may be asked to step in (with your permission).

This seems to work for our clients.  The bottom line is they are getting someone knowledgeable and experienced in every area.

It’s like getting an office full of people for the price of one.

The AngCo team can answer your questions (what is the best program to design a lead magnet?), provide solutions (let’s develop a client packet to clear up that confusion!), and assistance (stay in touch with your prospects, referrals, clients) and help you to make this your best and most successful year yet.*

Thanks for reading!

Until next time,


*Hey, if you’re ready to have this powerhouse behind you, let’s chat!