You’re expanding your products or services.  You’re hiring a new employee. Maybe you’re hosting an event or heading to Colorado for a conference.   All of these are perfect opportunities to tap into your social media to help spread the word.  So when you have something to announce, do share that with your audience and leverage your networks – all of them.

Here are a few tips to make sure your news gets the attention it deserves:

Post more than once on LinkedIn and Twitter.  Especially on Twitter since a tweet may get lost in the stream. Use a tool like SocialBro to see when most of your followers are online and post during those times.

Create an opportunity to connect.   Turn a newsy announcement into a way to engage with others.   Rather than saying “My new product launches Tuesday,” say, “Check out this sneak peek of my new eBook that’s launching soon. Let me know what you think!”   Here’s your chance to get really creative.  People are looking for new and different, so give it to them.

Talk about your news BEFORE it happens.  Simply put, people feel engaged when you share what you have in the works.  Plus it’s a subtle way to promote yourself without sounding promote-y.  For instance, “I’m interviewing April Showers next week for an upcoming blog post.  Have any burning questions you’d like answered?”

Do interconnect your social networks.  Share an announcement on LinkedIn or Twitter with a link to your blog to read more. Record a video announcement on YouTube and then post it on Facebook.

Easy stuff.   Cross-promoting and leveraging all of your social media networks to share your important announcements can help spread the word.

Social on!