If you ask me what I think about the daylight savings time change, I may or may not go into a rant about how I think it’s the most ridiculous idea ever (weeks later, I’m still trying to adjust). There are 24 hours in a day no matter what time the clock says the sun comes up, so changing the clocks and throwing everyone off schedule makes no sense. But I digress.

The bigger question is how you spent that extra hour on the night that we set the clocks back. Were you happy to have an extra hour in your day? Did you spend it sleeping? Did you spend it checking emails? Did you spend it catching up on work you were behind on? I hope you were able to enjoy it, no matter what you chose to do with it.

We often tell ourselves there aren’t enough hours in the day, that there’s too much work and too few hours. The sad truth is that you’re probably not using your time efficiently. What are you spending time on doing things you’re not good at?  Not good at blogging? Do you hate social media?  Do you cringe when you look at your website because there are things you’d like to add or change, but haven’t because websites aren’t your thing? Are you not good at staying on any task because you’re overwhelmed with other things?

Every entrepreneur has their own set of difficulties and challenges. For each one of those difficulties, there’s a virtual assistant who can take that task off of your plate, giving you more time to focus on other things. Adding an assistant to your team is like finding a magical hourglass with extra hours.

Not convinced you can get all of those hours back yet? Think about the things you don’t enjoy doing or you’re simply not good at.  How much time do you spend trying to write a blog post? If writing a blog post takes you four hours and a virtual assistant to do it in one, why not bring on a VA?  What are your billable hours worth?  Entrepreneurs who spend time doing things they’re not good at are losing money.  Time is money.

What happens when you don’t have some extra time?  Would you like to go to your children’s sports activities? Are you missing out on life and fun things?  Do you just want time to read a book every now and then? All of that is possible with a little delegation.  You could have that extra hour (or three) every single day to use as you please.

Never mind saving daylight. Let’s start saving business time! Give me a call. There’s no time like the present! (See what I did there?)

Until next time,