Whether you’ve been in business a long time and want to change things up to stay current or you’re just bored with your brand materials, rebranding can be a very involved process, the sort of thing that makes you look back and say “What was I thinking?”

No matter what stage of the rebranding process you’re in – Idea, Strategy, Application, or Launch — you’ll probably need an extra hand.  Our virtual assistants have been fortunate to have collaborated with a variety of agencies and know firsthand what works and what doesn’t.  If you have an idea you just love, your VA is the perfect person to run it by and tell you if you’re on the money or completely off your nut.

During the strategy stage, your virtual assistant can help you determine how all the rebranding tasks will be accomplished and can even take some off your plate and also find the right people/vendors to help with the other tasks.  Years ago we had a client who had been afraid to implement the changes she had wanted to make on her own…… until she brought on her own VA, the extra trusted support and know-how she had needed.  Anyway, if you want to serve a new market, your virtual assistant can research what’s happening in that market and how to reach them.

The application stage is where all the fun stuff happens. Your assistant can ensure your letterhead, email signatures, website, social media pages, and promotional materials are ready for your brand new logo. She’ll find out where to send the information, how to get it printed and processed, and keep track of the minutia while you continue with business as usual. You can be involved in the process as little or as much as you want.

Once your materials have your brand new look, your assistant will help you build excitement around it. She’ll send it to your clients and referral partners to get you noticed.  She can build buzz on social media, send press releases, and find some new leads.

We recently helped a client with the rebranding process and by the time it was finished, she wondered how she could have done the whole smash without her assistant. Or how she could have ever gotten as far as she had with her old brand.

If rebranding is something you’ve been considering, let’s talk about your options.  Your right-hand man (or gal) is right here and ready to help!

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