Take a look at the following and tell me which one appeals to you more.

Sentence A: I love my virtual assistant because she accomplishes a lot and saves me time. Angie is an excellent matchmaker and my assistant is the Robin to my Batman for sure. I don’t know how I ever lived without her! She schedules my email blasts, manages my busy calendar,  increased my social media following by 50 percent, and even makes sure I don’t forget my daughter’s dance recital! I highly recommend AngCo to all my friends and colleagues. Get a virtual assistant. You won’t regret it.

Sentence B: AngCo is a Minnesota-based virtual assistant shop that specializes in marketing, general admin, and content creation. We have experience, enthusiasm, and thrive on helping you and your business to be successful.

While both of these sentences are true, the first one is probably a little bit more appealing because it’s an actual testimonial from a client. It’s relatable. Testimonials are one of the most important marketing pieces you could have.

There’s also a difference between praise and testimonials. Praise is great. I LOVE praise.  However, testimonials on a website are specific and give details that are effective. Praise is saying “Angie is a rock star!” – which is awesome, but really not very helpful to prospective clients. Potential clients want to see that the things they need are the things you’re offering and you can help.

Testimonials on a website aren’t salesy. They’re credible. Good testimonials overcome skepticism, and a great one can crack that tough nut client. Testimonials show how a product or service really made a difference and how they helped solve a problem.

A testimonial from your client isn’t just for your website, however. It’s feedback. Hearing what your clients think of your product or service is imperative to the growth of your business, and sometimes clients don’t feel comfortable telling you. As a matter of fact, when we ask your clients for testimonials, we ask them for feedback instead. That helps to make their input more genuine. Honest feedback also makes you a more humble business owner. It’s great to be loved, but if your head gets too big your clients won’t find you relatable.

If it’s so important to a business, why don’t more business owners collect testimonials? There are a few reasons. Sometimes they feel uncomfortable asking. Sometimes the clients don’t know how to put the words on the page. Other times, it’s just not something business owners have time for. Well, guess what? We’re here to help.

We’ll call your clients, gather their testimonials, and edit them for grammar. We don’t over-edit them, either. We use the same language they use for the most part. We do take out the “ums” and “ahs” and correct a few errors, but we do not change their language. It’s all done for you while you focus on other things. We’ll even post the testimonials on your website for you if you’d like. Simple and easy!

So let’s talk testimonials! Do you have them? Do you know someone who could use some feedback?*

Thanks for reading.  Until next time,


*Well, then, let’s chat!