With more and more of the purchasing decisions being driven by social media, thought I’d post a refresher on social media and online reputation management.

Be Aware

It’s important to know what people are saying about you and your business online, the good and the bad. Good posts can drive traffic to your site.  Bad posts can keep them away.  At a minimum, set up alerts in Google for you, your business, and industry.


It’s also important to engage with the bad posts too.  Genuinely listen, empathize, and diffuse the situation by taking the high road and moving the conversation offline.  As tempting as it may be, do not engage in a back-and-forth and avoid arguing.  Search engines have a long tail, sometimes as far back as ten years.

Be Human

Remember, social media is a powerful tool to connect with customers on a human level, which helps build long-lasting relationships based on trust.  When they trust you, it’s a whole lot easier to keep their business.

Don’t Drink and Social Media

Think you’re a brilliant after a few cocktails or maybe you crack yourself up?  Resist the urge to hop online and do your social media thing and sabotage your own online reputation.

So to wrap things up, remember this: your customers are defining your brand online, so think about getting an online reputation management strategy in place today.