Marketing to your ideal audience has never been easier. With social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, you can pay to get right on their screen.

Do you know what’s even better than that? Making connections and conversation.

Remember there used to be a thing called pen pals? Well, in this day and age that time is long gone but we still have a way to make those genuine connections and build relationships.

Email marketing.

It’s one of my favorite tools because it still outperforms social media. Email marketing is sending intentional emails with a purpose to a group of people on your email list, people who consciously signed up to hear from you.  How cool is that?

Your email blast could be to educate, introduce a new product, service, or to get feedback. Email marketing is a great way to start building relationships and stay relevant in someone’s inbox.

How to Create an Email Marketing Strategy

There are many ways to utilize email marketing. However, without a goal, it’s like shooting an arrow blindly. A successful email marketing strategy has a purpose and goal.

Things to consider when creating your email marketing campaign:

  • What mailing platform will you use?
  • Drip emails or date induced emails?
  • Will the conclusion point them to a product, service or your email?
  • How long will your campaign run?

Of course, these are only a few questions in the process to get you started.

Feeling a Little Overwhelmed?

It can be overwhelming creating your first email marketing campaign. From the layout to the content, there are many things to consider and set up.  It looks and sounds easy, right?  Until you get in there.

Have no fear, AngCo is here.  I’ve always wanted to say that.

AngCo now offers a great new service that trains small business owners to navigate through the email marketing process. Whether you need a little instruction or a full set-up, our top-notch virtual assistants and content developers can help you.  (They really love this stuff and love to help.)

I created this service because I understand how frustrating it can be to have a missing link somewhere and not know where it’s missing —- and the hours spent determined to figure it out (hello lost productivity).  Now AngCo can jump into your platform, find that missing link, and put that little guy back where it belongs. Or just do the entire thing for you from start to finish – whatever floats your boat.

Need relief?  Hey, we’ve got it.  No need to beat your head against a brick wall for days trying to learn it all and set something up when we can train you in a few hours.

Or handle the whole smash for you so you can focus on the stuff that lights you up.

For more information on email marketing training — or to hand off your email blasts and content creation to one of our trained virtual assistants — ring me up at 612-789-0304 or send an email to  for a free brain dump session.

Yours in the adventure,