When was the last time you looked at your high school yearbook? If you’re like many of us, you cringe at the thought of your taste in clothing or hair styles. Let’s look beyond that, though, particularly at the senior superlatives.

They’re often the best part of the yearbook – people are voted most likely to be late for class, best dressed, worst driver, rich and famous, etc.

Let’s have some fun and imagine your industry as a high school. Where would your business fall in the superlatives? Would it be voted class clown? Biggest party animal? Most likely to succeed? Or would your business not make the list at all? Sometimes the fact that people don’t even know you exist is worse.  (Shout out to all my wallflower friends!)

The “real” world is more like high school than we’d like to admit, including the entrepreneurial world. Put away your yearbook and try to name 20 “regular” people you went to school with: people who weren’t named in the superlatives. If it’s been more than a few years, you probably can’t. Which is just like being an entrepreneur. If you’re not known for something, you can pretty much guarantee you’ll be forgotten.

Thank our lucky stars that the rules outside of high school are different.  In the “real” world, you can make it to the top by being good at what you do, committed and using your smarts.  (Unlike that little so and so that dated the really cute, funny guy you liked.) In the entrepreneurial world, you don’t have to have the parents with the most money to get noticed. You just have to bust your butt.

That’s where  AngCo comes in.  We gladly provide the support and tools to move your business to the center to get noticed.  If you’ve already been noticed, we can make you shine brighter. Don’t think the most popular kids in school didn’t have help getting that status.  Whether it was the coach that taught him to play sports like a pro, the dermatologist that ensured he never had a pimple, or parents with great taste that made sure she had stylish clothes and the right friends, they definitely had help.  And you can too.

We’re yours in the adventure and the AngCo team is great at making people shine. We can make sure you are remembered for the awesome person you are.  Whether you need support with marketing, general admin, content creation, social media, or all the above, we’ll be right by your side to give you the support and know-how (as well as encouragement)  to up level, even if you didn’t exist in high school.  Give us a call and let’s give you a new superlative – most likely to succeed!

Thanks for reading.

Untile next time,