Are you a morning person?

One of our clients — not a morning person and an alarm clock hater — used to walk into her office late every day because she was still worn out from working late the night before.

What does your world look like in the morning?  Do you have a routine? If so, do you stick to it?

If not, you have company. Many solopreneurs wish they had a routine but don’t.  Some sit down at their desks (which might be their dining room table) and finish their morning coffee while lamenting about all the things they need to do or the things they should have done the day before that didn’t get done.

Then a sense of under accomplishment creeps in.  They’ll stew on that for a while, beat themselves up and become unmotivated and less gets down.  Rinse and repeat.

Sound familiar?

Chances are, when you started your business, you had a plan for your day. Then as the business grew, your plan didn’t work anymore.  You were too busy adapting to make a new plan, right?

Maybe it’s time to consider a new plan and make a commitment to do a new routine that works for you.  If not, you’ll likely suffer for it, both personally and professionally.  We know; we’ve seen that show a time or two.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but today was “sharing” day in your son’s kindergarten class and you were so flustered by your haphazard way of doing things that you forgot to give him something to share. Oh, and that hard-to-reach prospect you’ve been working so hard to land? He called this morning. Unfortunately you didn’t answer because you were running late and still in the shower.

Sheesh! No wonder your mornings are rotten!

In the case of our client, she collaborated with her VA to create a new plan she could stick to (and be excited about).  Her virtual assistant kept other things going while she did the implementing.

Making a new plan is the easy part.  Putting it into place, not so much.

We are here to help from the very first stages to the end. The support doesn’t end there if you don’t want it to.  Our virtual assistants have been known to kick a client’s rear into gear every day, helping them to be accountable and adapt their plan as their business grows.

What would it be like to get out of the cycle of no routine?

You know where to find me if you’d like to chat about your plan (or lack of.)

As always, thanks for reading.

Until next time,