Want to get the most out of your social media and website? Here are a few quick and easy do’s and don’ts to provide valuable information for your audience and have your website visitors take action.

Social Media Buttons — this one’s easy. Be sure your social media buttons, your Follow Me on Twitter, Join us on Facebook buttons are on every page of your website, above the fold. Make it easy for folks to click on a button that goes directly to your social networks so they can join you there.

Facebook Like Button — this button has gained in popularity and is getting great results when placed multiple times on a site. Include “like” buttons at the top AND bottom of pages for better results and next to photos, videos, etc.

RSS — real simple syndication has changed everything. You blog is a powerful marketing tool, so be sure your audience has a way to subscribe to it by having an RSS button on all pages of your website. RSS allows folks to get content immediately upon publication and is an excellent way for your audience to easily stay informed.

Clear Call to Action — what would you like your website visitors to do? Join your mailing list? Comment on your blog? Call for more information? Make your request straightforward.

Do Share Your Unique Story — let your prospective and current customers see the personality and spirit that has made you and your business a smash hit; they want to know what makes you exceptional. They want to see your smiling face in photos.

Do Track — analytics may seem difficult and boring at first, but are a goldmine of information. They tell you how your audience responded or reacted, how long they spent on a page (or not) and what motivates them to take action (or not). Use those numbers to determine what works and what doesn’t and adjust accordingly.

Do Not — let your social media and websites go stale. Keep content fresh. There’s no excuse for disconnected phone numbers, outdated images, and broken links.

Get your website working for you today.