Let’s talk about your marketing efforts for a minute. We’ve met a few busy business owners who think “if you build it they will come.” While this may have worked in Field of Dreams, this certainly isn’t true in the small business world (with a few exceptions).

There are not enough lines on this page to say how many times I’ve been down this road with possible clients.  Investing a month’s time into your marketing strategy and expecting it to explode like you’re the next Coca-Cola or Nike isn’t realistic. Those companies are household names because they have spent decades and invested millions of dollars into their marketing strategies.

That isn’t to say smaller marketing efforts won’t get you anywhere. Marketing works. If it didn’t, there would be no Coca-Cola or Nike at all. Think about this for a minute. They started right where you are right now. Every business starts as an unknown. And unreasonable expectations lead to frustration.  The smaller your budget and the more untested your marketing strategy, the longer it may take. Especially if you’re dealing with social media. More and more, the algorithms of popular social media platforms require you to “pay-to-play.” The more you can invest, the sooner you’ll see results.

Wish I could tell you the magic formula is to simply buy six ghostwritten blog posts, four Facebook ads, and two Clickfunnels and the entire world show up for your product or service. That would be a blast if it worked that way, right?  The internet, as immediate as it may seem, doesn’t refresh itself immediately. Google takes time to index. Site changes take time to propagate.

Preparation is the key.  If you have a product launch or an event coming up, you have to let people know far ahead of time. When Billy Joel comes to town, word gets out months – sometimes even a year – in advance. Between the tour date announcement and the date of the event, his PR team builds up the hype. It’s pretty basic math.  The more people that know, the more tickets are bought, so the word has to get out there. It takes extensive planning and marketing efforts. There is no successful event that goes off in less than a week.  I’m told you can’t even pull off a decent kids’ birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese in that time.

Your AngCo virtual assistant is a valuable tool when it comes to strategizing and working through ideas, so ask away!  The efforts of our team, along with your commitment, will affect the bottom line. However, we don’t promise a miracle. It didn’t happen for Nike, it didn’t happen for Coca-Cola, and it didn’t happen for McDonald’s. And sometimes that’s a soul-crushing blow to a solopreneur. Believe me, I really would love to push that magic button and make your business explode. If it were possible, I’d have done it before you finished reading this paragraph.

Just because your business probably won’t be a household name next week, don’t lose heart: It’s so important to have goals. And it’s imperative to have dreams. Without them, no business ever gets off of the ground. Just keep in mind the importance of being realistic. So give me a call. Let’s make some realistic goals together and then CRUSH THEM!

Yours in the adventure,

Angie & Team AngCo