Not again.  Last week I stumbled across a business owner who is using their personal Facebook page for business.

Did you know….

Using your Facebook personal profile for business is against Facebook’s policy.  In the old days, Facebook would simply shut down those accounts.  Without warning.

If you have a business, create a Facebook business page.  You wouldn’t want to use your personal bank account for business (think about unsnarling that mess come tax time).

Are you missing something?

Making the distinction also helps with search engine placement. When it comes to search engines, you could be unintentionally holding your business back if you’re using your personal Facebook profile for business.  Here’s the deal.  Facebook business pages show up in the search results on the Internet and are visible to non-Facebook users. Personal accounts are not visible to non-Facebook users, so imagine what you’re missing out on if you use your personal page for business.

Make your time count!

Okay, so you’re all amped up to get your Facebook business page up.  If you’re going in, then you might as well be ALL in.  Committing to social media is a long-term deal.  Be realistic with your time and the support available to help you maintain your online presence. It’s okay to be on just one social network. When starting out, it’s better to focus your efforts and be amazing in one space.

One final thought; it’s not about the numbers.  The smaller the group, the larger the influence.  A lot of small business owners put too much weight into their follower and like count.  It’s all meaningless if there’s no interaction or if users don’t absorb your information.  Develop deeper connections by first focusing on those who engage and interact. Then focus on the lurkers next and draw those puppies out.  Make it a point to develop a small tight-knit group on your social media and everyone will want in.

Class dismissed!