Goodbye Yellow Pages!  Over 75 percent of Americans use the Internet to find local products and services.  As a small business owner, that’s an online marketing strategy that should get your serious attention.  You probably have a web site, but can your customers find you online when they’re ready to buy?  Have you submitted your listing correctly to Google, Yahoo and Bing Local?  What tools are you using effectively to ensure your business appears prominently in the local map listings? How do you generate interest and drive traffic to your web site?  Those are just a few starter questions.

Social media and other online marketing tools used to set up a local targeted listing can certainly be confusing and time consuming.  It is tedious and requires patience to ensure your information is accurate and optimized so your business becomes more local search friendly.  Please do not let that stop you from staying ahead of your competition.  It’s better to ask for help than wander around aimlessly.  

Get your business listed today in Google, Bing and Yahoo Local and the many other available local directories.