1.  From your list of key people at the companies you’re targeting, look up each person’s profile on LinkedIn. If they are a third-degree connection and you’re unable to view full profile, do this:

  • Log out of LinkedIn.
  • Go to Google or Bing
  • In the search bar type  first name and initial of last, “title in quotes exactly as it appears in LinkedIn” site:linkedin.com.
    • Example:  Betty B “digital marketing consultant” site:linkedin.com

2.  Check out the groups they’ve joined.  If one is a good fit for you too, join.

3.   Spend some time “lurking” in that group to see how it works, get the feel.  Then slowly start to engage in existing discussion threads.  Or consider starting your own, without being self-promotional or appearing self-serving.

It really is that simple.  This is one way to begin expanding your visibility with the key people you’re interested in collaborating with.