We have been fortunate at AngCo to have some awesome clients, and for each awesome client there is an awesome virtual assistant to match. Our team is versatile and so far every pot has found their handle here – and in at least one case, a self-proclaimed, hippy-dippy, wacky-tobacky dude. (We don’t judge. Your secrets are always safe with us.)

We laugh a lot as a team about the situations we come across and the different personalities we get to enjoy because as the popular saying goes, “You cannot make this stuff up.”  Sometimes our virtual assistants double as psychiatrists and sometimes psychics and we love every second of it. The thing that makes our clients special is their genius and passion; they are creative, out-of-the-box thinkers. Sometimes that can make them a little bit quirky. We expect and embrace that.

lessons virtual assistant2We are actually very lucky. How many people go through life pairing up with amazing and talented people? It’s really a mutually beneficial relationship. As much as we help our clients, there isn’t a virtual assistant on this team that hasn’t learned something cool from their clients. We have clients in every industry under the sun, and that exposes us to more than the average corporate assistant sees in a lifetime.  It truly is the best gig in the world.

We take away something from each and every client, and whether that be an important tip from a business or health coach, advice on banking from a mortgage broker, or how to tap into your inner self (literally), we are learning and growing every single day in many, many ways, and it makes us better able to help our current and future clients.

All of this knowledge we’ve gained from working with a variety of clients also makes us smart. Have a question about your digestive system? We’re on it. Thinking about self-publishing a book? Want to know how to get the UPS man to ask you out on a date? How about the latest in pet gear? Need some parenting or marital advice or a great resource?  We can tell you about all of that and more.  Give me five minutes. Okay, maybe ten. A conversation with a virtual assistant is always a good one.  Even my in-laws think I’m a genius.

If you’re not already working with one of us, dear entrepreneur, you’re missing out. We’re smart, fun and we know how to navigate the online world.  We can lighten your load so you can stop focusing on everything and focus on the right things.

As always, thanks for reading.

Until next time,