A while back, I was asked to help judge a karaoke contest, and obviously I said yes. Nothing says “fun evening” quite like a night of judging people who can’t sing! (Truthfully, there were actually quite a few good ones.)

Long story short, my buddies and I are judging the contest, knocking back a few beers, laughing, and having a phenomenal time. The atmosphere was great – our server, however, was obviously new and overwhelmed and didn’t stop by to check on us very often or drop off the bill. So, when the contest was over I left. About halfway home I realized I never paid my tab!

I wasn’t drunk or anything – just caught up in the fun and it didn’t cross my mind. I’m simply not used to taking care of myself at restaurants (a shout out and thank you to all the excellent servers in Nordeast).  Luckily, my friends grabbed my portion of the bill after I was gone and my name isn’t on a Wanted poster somewhere. Do I feel stupid? Sure. But the night could have ended a lot worse.

Solopreneurs are often in the same boat. You get so caught up in your business that you slip up somewhere along the line, especially if you’re not accustomed to doing certain things. If you don’t get lucky like I did, you or your business could end up paying the price. Imagine if my friends weren’t there to pay the bill? I might be writing this from the slammer. (Maybe that’s a little dramatic for a $20 bar tab, but you get the point.)

A virtual assistant will keep your tasks on their radar so you don’t have to. Whether it’s social media stuff, deadlines, contact with vendors or customers, or anything else you need, they take care of it. They’ll remind you to pay your business bills, keep track of your important appointments, and even make sure you don’t miss your daughter’s ballet recital if you ask them to.

While you do your thing, your virtual assistant does hers, checks in regularly to inform you of the details – rinse and repeat. They’ve got it under control and you can relax and not worry about how you’ll fare in the big house. I don’t even mean the real clink – have you ever heard of Facebook jail? It’s a thing. Google it! No one wants to be there!

Do yourself and your business a favor and add a virtual assistant to your team. It’s nice to have your rear end covered. You want to be known for your stellar business, not for dropping the ball. Give me a call. Someone’s waiting to cover you.

Until next time,