You know the saying, “It’s all in your head”?

Well, it’s true

When you think about it, there is so little we can control,  certainly not bad drivers, the weather, and other people’s perspectives and dramas.  But you do get to control and choose your attitude, reactions, and efforts. These can make or break you and your business. It’s been proven over and over again what you focus on expands, and there is a whole lot of science behind this, how your thinking affects every area of your life and ultimately your results.

In a nutshell, if you think negatively, you experience negative repercussions. If you think positively, even when things aren’t looking so positive, everything eventually works out (not always in the way or time frame we’d like, right?)  This is the universal law of life.  If you believe in God or the universe or some other higher power, you’ll attribute it to that. If your beliefs are strictly science-based, there is evidence of that too.  There is incredible power in what you believe.

Does this mean you’re never allowed to have a bad day? Nope, of course not.  It means you get to choose where to put your focus, efforts and attitude  Complaining and negativity just breed more negativity. Same old thoughts get you the same old actions which equal the same old results.  It’s a cycle.

So how do you turn the boat around?

By seeing (and appreciating) things differently. Traffic was tough this morning?  You had an extra 10 minutes to listen to the radio on the way to work and laugh your butt off over a hilarious interview. Your internet is down at the office? Looks like a great day to head to the store for office supplies.  (Or leave early and go fishing!) Your best employee gave notice? Be excited about the next person who will bring fresh ideas and perspective to your team. It’s all in the way you choose to look at things. If you can’t find something to be happy about, it’s probably time to go back to bed and get some rest.  Being tired and exhausted will do that to you.

Just like negativity breeds more negativity, positivity breeds more positivity.  Learn from your missteps, failures, and embarrassments.  They are the gifts of knowledge. Life and experience are the best teachers.

If you’d like help seeing the bright side of things, ask your virtual assistant for an assist.  They have lots of practice with this.  Many small business owners count on our virtual assistants to help makes sense of things, keep them on track and cheer them on. They can offer a fresh look and creative ideas to get you and your business out of a funk.

Don’t have a virtual assistant yet? Maybe that’s why you’re miserable. Let’s chat!

Yours in the adventure,

Angie & Team AngCo