Is it a snoozer?

It’s really important to avoid having your profile look and sound like your resume, blah blah blahing about previous roles and responsibilities. Yes, these do lend credibility, but think of it this way. When you first meet a prospect, do you hammer them with the details of your previous positions, employers, roles and responsibilities?

Probably not.

Or do you say who you help and the problems you solve, the value of your product or service?

So with that in mind, keep your LinkedIn profile client-focused (the “what’s in it for me” perspective) and treat it as if you were at a networking function, an introduction that tells folks what issues you solve and for whom.

For instance: I specialize in working with family-owned businesses and restaurant owners and help them to really connect with what they love to do and become booked solid.  My clients are taught the “how to” steps to implement a successful strategy to reach their ultimate vision.

Super easy.

Stay tuned for quick LinkedIn tips in following posts.

Until then!