One of the biggest challenges I hear from small business owners who are new to blogging is coming up with topics to write about. The key to developing great posts is to ask yourself the right questions, so grab a piece of paper and a pen, set aside ten minutes to brainstorm, and jot down answers to the following questions:

  • What are the five most common questions asked about your product or service?
  • What are the top five things you wish all your new clients knew about working with you or your business?
  • What are the five biggest lessons you’ve learned from working with your customers?
  • What are the top five areas you help your clients with?
  • What are the five biggest benefits of working with your product or service?
  • What are five things every new customer needs to know?
  • What five things make it easier for your customers to work with you?
  • What five questions should every prospect ask when evaluating your product or service?

Boom.  At the end of 10 minutes you should have a list of at least a dozen ideas for blog posts.

Another easy way to create ideas is to keep a notebook by your computer, and every time someone asks you a question, jot it down. At the end of the week or month, look through that list for additional topics and inspiration.

If you keep your eyes open in your everyday life, you’ll soon have an endless supply of fodder for your blogging.

Blog on!