I get asked a lot of questions. Common ones are “How does this work?” and “How many hours will I need?” I’m happy to answer because I love to talk about this business and my team.

However, please do not call me and first ask…

“How much do you charge?”

Because you will receive this answer: “A million dollars.”

Here’s the thing. I don’t participate in human trafficking. You can’t “buy” a virtual assistant for $5 an hour. You can’t buy one for $2500 an hour, either.  At least not from me.  My virtual assistants are skilled humans and they are not for sale.

What we offer are services. And our services are priced differently. That’s just the way it is. Let’s take the US Postal Service for example. You don’t call up your local post office and ask them how much they charge. While the price of a stamp is the same, all mailings are not. You may need more than one stamp. There are all sorts of variables. Are you mailing a piece of furniture or are you mailing a letter? Will it be sent internationally or locally? Will you need signature confirmation? Express delivery? A return receipt? Do you need special handling? All of these things make a difference. So, you walk up to the counter with your package and tell the clerk what your needs are. Then he or she tells you how much it costs.

The world of virtual assistance is similar. Your business is different from your neighbor’s and therefore will need different services. Different services have different prices. Each of our packages is tailored to benefit your business specifically. Not your neighbor, not your brother, and not your aunt’s cousin’s ex-husband’s dog-sitting business.  It’s about you and your business.

When you hire a virtual assistant, I don’t pull a name out of a hat. I listen to your needs and goals and then talk with you about how we can help. We brainstorm, collaborate, discuss things like budgets and pet peeves, and then I talk to an assistant on my team about the same things. After that, the two of you get together and chat. The end result is a one-of-a-kind solution to your one-of-a-kind business needs.

And that’s awesome, right? Because that’s why you called me. You’re looking for a custom solution to your unique problem. You don’t want your neighbor’s answer, do you? If you do, I’ll give it to you right now.

“A million dollars.”

Yours in the adventure,