All righty, I’ll say it again.  There are no social media short cuts.  Social media requires a lot of patience and consistency; it’s a commitment, just like most things in life.

A lot small business owners quit way too soon because they don’t see instant results.   Or they’ll toss in the towel if nothing is happening after a couple of months.

If you’re conversing on a human level and providing valuable content it will eventually lead to business.

Does this sound familar?  “I don’t know what to post; it’s been said before.  It’s not interesting.”  Don’t let these thoughts get you down or use them as an excuse to not put yourself out there.

Try this.  Turn your most frequently asked questions into great social media content.  What questions are your prospects and customers asking that you can provide answers to?

Sometimes you just have to stop analyzing.  And just do it.