Many overwhelmed solopreneurs struggling to accomplish everything they want believe virtual assistants help their businesses thrive.   When a solopreneur brings on a virtual assistant, their assistant becomes an irreplaceable part of the team and everyone lives happily ever after (cue unicorns and rainbows). Every now and then it doesn’t work out that way. Generally the reason for that is a breakdown in communication.

Amazing virtual assistants know how to get the job done when communication and expectations are clear.  On the flip side, amazing solopreneurs know virtual assistants aren’t mind readers.

For instance, some solopreneurs (ahem, Minnesotans) are reluctant to say they’re unhappy because they don’t want to upset anyone even if it’s an easy fix, something minor.  So nothing’s said and the virtual assistant continues doing the same thing and then everything snowballs from there. Note: This scenario can happen in every relationship, not just business. It’s the cause of many breakups.

Because miscommunications can hurt a lot more than feelings, we recommend you have a weekly meeting with your virtual assistant to make sure the goals that week are understood and the lines of communication are open.  It helps if you’re both receptive to feedback too.  You both want to know you’re providing what the other needs so the business — and relationship —- grows and thrives.  It’s fun having a sidekick who cares as much about your business as you do; it’s what charges virtual assistants up — helping small business owners succeed.

Whether you’re talking about communicating with your virtual assistant, your full-time employee, your kids, your spouse, or your doctor, communication is critical.  Without successful communication, we’re all just cave people standing around grunting at each other. Think about that for a minute. Then call me and we can talk about your communication skills. As long as you promise not to grunt.

Yours in the adventure,