Entrepreneurs can never get sick.  Unlike a “job,” a small business owner can’t call a colleague to “cover” for them. It’s your business and it needs you to run efficiently. As much as being a business owner has its perks, it has its downfalls.

You could be on top of the world feeling super healthy today and then end up in bed with something nasty you can’t kick tomorrow.  And it does happen, even to the invincible solopreneur. If you’re working 24/7 there’s not a whole lot of time to practice healthy habits.  The less you take care of yourself, the more you get sick. The more you’re sick, the more you’re overworking yourself trying to catch up. It’s a vicious cycle.

Sometimes we only miss a little bit of work, and sometimes we miss a lot. Unfortunately, one missed day for an entrepreneur is an entirely different scenario than a missed day of work for someone with a job. A LOT can happen in one day.

What’s your back-up plan? What systems do you have in place to ensure someone is available take over the reins when you get sick?  For me, it’s as easy as asking someone on the AngCo team to be “on call” in case Life happens. They steer the ship and take care of things, making sure everything I’ve worked so hard for doesn’t crash and burn in my absence.

You too can have that sort of backup.  A great assistant steers your ship so you can rest and recuperate, even if you just need a mental health day.  We all need one of those once every five years, right?

Your assistant will make sure your clients aren’t ignored while you’re gone and will notify you if there are any issues. They will reschedule any appointments you’re missing, interact on your behalf on social media, and basically run your office in your absence if you so choose. You’ll never have to worry again whether or not you can afford to be sick.

Don’t have a virtual assistant to cover when you’re under the weather? What are you waiting for? Hurry up and call me before you get sick this winter!

Until next time,