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Do you subscribe to the “Eat the Frog” theory? I’ve been thinking about this one for a while, and most of the time I find that both in my business and professional life, just eating the dang frog for breakfast gets it out of the way.

In case you’re not familiar with Brian Tracy’s book, here’s the synopsis: If you eat a live frog for breakfast, it will most likely be the worst thing you do all day. After that, anything else you don’t want to do pales in comparison.

Obviously, I’m not recommending that you eat a live frog. Or a dead one for that matter. Cuisses de grenouille isn’t my thing. That said, this metaphor packs a lot of power. When tackling a to-do list, often the best thing to do is to get the worst part over with already. Then you can spend the rest of the day doing things you like better.

Eating the metaphorical frog is a great way to begin your day personally and professionally. Hate to work out? Get it over with so it’s not looming over your head all day. What other tasks do you loathe? Cleaning out the garage? Do it first thing Saturday morning and then treat yourself to burgers and beers in the afternoon. It doesn’t work for every scenario, but most people find it liberating to live their lives this way.

If you think that if it was that simple you’d be done with work by noon, stay with me for a moment. Maybe the reason it’s not working for you is that you’ve tried starting your day by eating the frogs you can’t digest – the bookkeeping and the social media and the blogging that you hate. You start early and it takes all day. That’s precisely why you don’t do it, or why you don’t do it as often as you should. And then it grows and grows until that tiny toad is the size of a bullfrog.

Maybe those frogs are just way too big for you to digest. Let’s face it, some tasks just are and that’s what virtual assistants are for — to tackle those tasks that make you sigh.  Our team has magic wands that make those growing frogs shrink and disappear. (Maybe it’s more like unbelievable talent than magic wands, but I’m running with it.)

Tomorrow, start your day by eating that frog. See if it makes a difference in the way you feel throughout the day.  And let us catch and eat the bullfrogs for you.

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