Let’s talk about your butt. Or rather how much talking your butt does.


The familiar phrase “talking out of your $%#” is relevant in the business world, because entrepreneurs do a LOT of it.  I’m not talking about being shady, however, there is a certain amount of “finesse” entrepreneurship requires, right?

Think you don’t? How about that client who is never happy even though you’ve gone above and beyond more than once for them? You apologize even though you’re really not sorry. In other words, you talk out of your butt.

When you’re having the world’s worst day and you’re a thousand miles past overwhelm and you tell a client you’re “happy to help” but you really want to run away to the Bahamas rather than help them? Butt talking!

How about when you accidentally order double inventory and then create a sense of immediacy to sell by saying to potential customers “These won’t last long at this price!” More tales from your backside.

All business owners do it to some degree.  Butt (pun intended) for some, it can turn into a bad habit.  And the more you butt talk, the more miserable you’ll be, and then the more mistakes you’ll make. Followed by more gluteal expression.

Like one of our amazing clients who, never wanting to disappoint her own clients or turn down opportunities, took on a few too many projects out of her skill set (and bandwidth).  She has a knack for figuring out everything —- from resources to tactics —- and was well intentioned.  However, these projects about did her in.  Frankly, she was stressed and unhappy the entire time.  The experience taught her what she really wanted to focus on and to also be more discerning in the projects she agrees to do.

Sacrum speech is reason #71973524 to bring on a virtual assistant for yourself! Virtual assistants cover your butt so you don’t have to do quite so much blabbing out of it. Your assistant can brainstorm with you to see if there’s something else you haven’t thought of to help that difficult client.  They’ll take over your operations or cancel your appointments on your worst day ever so you can just go home and check out.  And they’ll make sure that your inventory is right and you don’t order too much of that product in the first place.

All resulting in less noise from your behind.

And when you talk less out of your butt, you’ll be happier and feel better about your business. Your prospects will notice your enthusiasm and energy shining through.  Less derriere dialogue will also save you time, which you can then use to take your fluffy behind to the gym.

Thanks for reading,


P.S:  By the way, I have virtual assistants to shut your butt up if you need one. Let’s chat!