Do you have a business buddy? Someone that celebrates your successes and encourages you to get back up when you fall?

Being an entrepreneur can get really lonely. And while family and friends are well-meaning, they just don’t “get it.”  It’s not their fault. You probably have a hard time understanding why they’d rather be time clock punchers than business owners. Everyone is wired differently.

What many people don’t know is that most virtual assistants are also business owners and understand the hustle and the struggle. They know what it’s like to try to find time to juggle it all. They know certain procedures and processes need to be followed to keep everyone happy. They’re familiar with the occasional unsatisfied client. They understand some tasks are not a good use of time, and they know where to find the resources to get them done quicker and more efficiently.

You and your virtual assistant have a lot in common. You’re both plagued and blessed by the perils and joys of owning a business.

Because your virtual assistant is also invested in your business, they make ideal business buddies. They are dedicated and fiercely care about its success. A good virtual assistant doesn’t see you as just another client.  You are someone they can grow with. Yes, when you succeed, they succeed.  How cool is that?

Your assistant is always excited to cheer you on and celebrate with you when things are rockin. When you fall, they understand and help you back up. They know who your best clients are (and who your most draining ones are).   Armed with a variety of skills from social media to blog writing to ClickFunnels, your virtual assistant knows what works and what doesn’t; they’re resourceful that way.  And when things are not going so wonderful, they’ll encourage and support you.

When you choose to team up with AngCo, you’re matched with a virtual assistant who most matches your needs.   This team is friendly, knowledgeable, and very diverse in personality.  I have assistants that are great at hand holding as well as ones that won’t flinch if you spout off and curse like a pirate. No matter what your industry or personality, we can match you with an awesome business buddy.

Your virtual assistant is an asset to your business in so many ways. Taking care of tasks that you’re not suited for is only a small part of a big picture. Need a cheerleader that “gets it”? Give me a call so we can chat about your needs!

Thanks for reading.

Until next time,