Hey, are you BossZilla?

Even if you’ve never seen BrideZilla, you probably know what one is. It’s a soon-to-be bride who is just a nightmare to be around.  Nothing is ever good enough, nothing is ever right. Basically, no one wants to be near a BrideZilla, never mind marry them. Their attitude is somewhat understandable because there’s nothing quite like a party that costs as much as a house and a lifetime commitment to stress you out!

Unfortunately, some small business owners have a strong BrideZilla streak in them too.  Their stress levels are so overwhelming they simply can’t take any more. So every time something goes wonky – and in business that’s inevitable – they stomp their feet, kick, scream and freak out on everyone around them. Some of these people have burned through all of their employees and then come to me looking for a virtual assistant. If you’re that type of entrepreneur, this team isn’t the one for you. That said, let’s talk about this for a few minutes.

In every aspect of your life, you project yourself onto others. It’s just human nature. If you hate everything about your wedding, your fiancé will too. If you hate everything about your business, your assistants – virtual or otherwise – will too. Either way, there’s a great chance you’ll end up all alone and miserable. See how that works? Your attitude and mindset ruin your business.

I promise that no one expects you to be bright and cheery every single day of your life. We all have good days and bad days. Some days, life just sucks the very best out of you. The thing is, if you’re usually a jovial person who’s enjoyable to be around, no one will mind a cranky day here and there. As a matter of fact, they might even send you flowers when you’re feeling down.

Do you know why Google is one of the most successful companies in the world? Because Google is focused on team happiness and has been rated #1 on Fortune’s Best Companies to Work For list for 6 years in a row. Businesses focused on team happiness are surrounded by people focused on business success. If you only care about yourself, your team will only care about themselves too. I’m willing to bet that there are no BossZillas working at Google.

But Ang…I really don’t want to be BossZilla! I want a team that cares about me and my business! I’m just hanging by a thread and every little thing seems to set me off lately.

Well, savvy entrepreneur, I’m glad you came to me. The answer to your dilemma is obviously a virtual assistant. Here’s the top-secret formula for ditching your evil alter ego:

Write down all the things you’re freaking out about and delegate them to your virtual assistant.

Poof! Just like that. Stress, overwhelm, exhaustion, hairy chest…all gone. (Well, maybe not the hairy chest.) Now you can focus on being nicer to everyone around you at work and at home. You’ll also have time to do some things that make you happy again.  Unless, of course, you’re addicted to misery.

So BossZilla, the next time you feel like you’re going to blow your top, take a brief moment to think how that affects others around you.  And then hire someone to take the stress off your plate.

Yours in the adventure,

Angie & Team AngCo