Have you heard of helicopter parenting?  It’s what experts call parents who hover over their children and do everything for them. They’re always there to jump in and take over “just in case.” It’s all very well-meaning but it also leaves kids at a disadvantage. They never develop the skills they need to be strong, independent adults.

Helicopter parents make it tough for the teachers to do their job and teach because the parents are right there to make sure no harm or discomfort comes their way.  “How can Suzie do all of that homework when she’s so tired?”  “Why are there so many practices for the basketball team? Jimmy practices enough at home!”   Homework and basketball practices make kids stronger.

Even if you don’t have children, you just might be a helicopter parent.


Businesses have helicopter parents too. And who can blame you? You’ve worked so hard to build your business.  Now that you’ve gotten this far, you are never going to let anything hurt it and that means never letting anyone else touch it.  This approach can stunt your business growth and fry you out.

Or…you can delegate and make your business stronger.

Just like the helicopter parent who needs to let go and let the teachers and coaches do their job, entrepreneurs absolutely need to step back and delegate some tasks.  The best part is there is no rule that says what tasks you keep and what tasks you don’t.  Delegate anything time-consuming or energy-draining — the email marketing, the social media, the blogging, the customer service calls. Delegate whatever you don’t like. You’re the boss.

The reality is, if you’re trying to do things you are not good at, you are wasting valuable time and money.  Here’s what I hear daily from entrepreneurs.

“I don’t know how to SEO.”

“What’s a plugin?”

“I don’t understand this software/calendar/fill-in-the-blank the experts are recommending.”

“I hate Facebook and Twitter and have no idea how to use them.”

Those entrepreneurs were wasting countless hours trying figure those things out on their own, not unlike a helicopter parent trying to teach their children something they have zero experience in. Would you try to teach your child how to do a pirouette if you had no training in ballet?  Or would you let the ballet teacher do their job and teach?  Business is no different. If you haven’t the slightest clue about social media or business blogging or bookkeeping, why wouldn’t you let someone take that headache off your plate and manage it for you?

Give yourself permission to get out of your own way.  Be bold.  Spend your valuable time on the stuff you’re good at.  Delegating the rest will make your business stronger.

As always, thanks for reading.

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