You already know search engines love when new content is added to websites.  Helps  improve search engine rankings and results.  Big time.

You already know that every time you publish a blog, another page is indexed on your website – a clue to Google and other search engines that some lively things are happening and to crawl your site more often to check for new activity.  Not a bad way to drive traffic to your site.  (Say hello to your new website visitors.)

You already know that while they’re bumping around your blog, they might be thinking, “I can relate.  They’re talking to me.”  Or maybe, “That is a helpful tip or resource.  Did not know that.  Appreciate the info.”  (Say hello to trust and credibility.)

You love all this, right?

And you already know that one of the cool things about blogging is it makes you a better thinker.  You have tons of ideas for topics that are important and meaningful to your readers, things they connect with.

You GET all of this.  But who the heck has time to blog?  The calendar is jammed up and you absolutely cannot add blog keyboardone more To Do to the list that is growing by the nanosecond.   You’re a teensy bit busy building your business, right?

So you ditched the idea.

Well, we are on a mission to take this on and fire up the blogs for busy solopreneurs and entrepreneurs.   We want to make it obvious to your market that they would have to be completely crazy to not work with you.  We have quite a few bloggers on our team that can light the flame for you, so let’s chat. Firing up the old blog may just be the little spark your business needs to become an inferno.