Did you know the first automatic pop-up toaster was marketed in Minneapolis in 1926? It was called the “Toastmaster” and sold for $13.50. Oddly enough, that’s about the price of a cheap pop-up toaster today! How about this one? Alexander Anderson of Red Wing discovered the processes to puff wheat and rice – yes, folks, we’re talking about the process that creates cereals and rice cakes.  I found these and several other “fun facts” at 50 States. There is one for every state, but I was really amazed to see some of the things that fellow Minnesotans have accomplished over the years. Check it out if you have a free minute.

(Side note: If you don’t have a free minute, you need a virtual assistant. Call me.)

Anyway, I sort of geek out on “fun facts” and thought it would be cool to share some of the things we’ve accomplished for our clients.  Here’s a sampling of the difference we made in the small business world just last month.

  • AngCo’s virtual assistants provided 285 hours of support for our solopreneur clients.  How cool is that?  285 hours was freed up for them to focus on other areas of their business.
  • Our team wrote 24 blog posts and 5 holiday product gift-giving guides.
  • A client’s CRM was correctly set up.  Looking up information and entering contacts continues.
  • An assistant on our team processed approximately $100,000 in orders for apparel.
  • An AngCo assistant added speaking events to a client’s website.
  • Twelve hours of collaboration/brainstorming took place (not all for one client).  Excellent ideas and strategies discussed.
  • Another client’s website got some much-needed updates and monthly maintenance was scheduled.
  • A client with a new website received some fresh new content for it.
  • An AngCo team member assisted a client with their payroll process.
  • Seven landing pages were created.
  • Five Clickfunnels were created and implemented.
  • Fifteen email newsletters were created, scheduled, and sent.
  • 1728 social media updates were published.
  • Two Facebook business pages, two YouTube channels and three Instagram accounts were created.
  • LinkedIn profiles were updated for four clients.
  • A client’s trade show booth details were finalized.  Hotel and fare booked.
  • Four classes/workshops set up on Eventbrite.  Websites updated with details and link registration.
  • A  client got excellent feedback from his client about the exemplary customer service assistance he received from his VA.

We have so much going on I had to add two additional team members last week to help! And that’s just in ONE MONTH!  What can Team AngCo do for you?

Yours in the adventure,