Say Hi to the Team

Friendly?  Check.  
Time savers?  Check.  
Knowledgeable and resourceful?  Double check.


Jen W | Online Business Manager & Marketer

Hello there! I’m the neighborhood marketer and online business manager. I specialize in marketing, lead generation, project management, and sales funnels.  Basically, I’m pretty awesome at helping businesses get organized and get CLIENTS!

The corporate world always felt too impersonal, but I was completely fascinated watching corporations grow and the day-to-day decisions behind that growth. So after nine years climbing the corporate ladder I said goodbye to cubicle walls and branched out to start helping small businesses grow.

I currently reside in Illinois with my family (me, him + 2 kiddos) however we frequent Minnesota quite often since we have family there. You can often find us cuddled up on the couch with a book in each of our hands. If you ever want to see me light up, just ask me what I’m currently reading!

Random Fact About Me: We’re a family of minimalists!

Credentials: Bachelors in Business Administration, Project Management Professional Certification, Professional Certified Marketer from the American Marketing Association

Alyssa | Chief Podcaster 

Hello! I’m the resident podcast guru here at AngCo. It all started for me when I interned at a radio station in college and instantly fell in love with everything about podcasting. I later worked at a radio station where I did their pre- and post-production and handled all the podcasting details.

I also have a background in health care and customer service and today I love to put my online marketing and podcasting skills to use for solopreneurs.

On a personal note, when I’m not checking items off client’s pesky to-do lists, I’m enjoying the company of my family and four dogs.

Christina  |  Virtual Assistant

christina va smI’m an administrative pro with over two decades of experience.  I’ve been in love with business since I started working in an office at the age of 15.  Since then I’ve held every position from receptionist to bookkeeper to executive assistant to office manager.  There isn’t a task I cannot handle or a customer I cannot appease.

I left the administrative world to be a freelance writer/blogger for a while.  Funny thing happened.  I wasn’t totally fulfilled just creating content.  I never felt like I was truly helping when I was just blogging.  I really geek out on administrative work and so I added virtual assistance to my services.  Scheduling, uploading documents, processes…this is the stuff that makes me jump for joy and others think I’m a weirdo. Well…that and the fact that I actually enjoy getting up at 3 am.

When I’m not working, you can find me spending time with my kids, wasting time on Facebook, browsing Pinterest for low carb recipes with a pint of Ben and Jerry’s in hand, or binge-watching Days of Our Lives.

For you Strengths Finders, mine are strategic, input, individualization, futuristic and discipline.

Alexis  |  Virtual Assistant

I love to help people and to put my administrative and organizational skills to good use in the small business world.  For as long I can remember, I’ve had a passion for bringing order to chaos. I used to believe everyone enjoyed doing that because I think it’s easy, fun, and rewarding.

Also fun and very rewarding are creating SOPs and training manuals.  And solving problems.

I really enjoy working with entrepreneurs who are passionate about their business and I especially thrive in a team/collaboration environment.  It’s a privilege to help solopreneurs free up their time so they can focus on sharing their own gifts and talents.  I take great joy in watching clients succeed with the support they need.

Melissa  |  Virtual Assistant

Hello there. I was a chemistry, biology and phy ed teacher before I became a media director at a church in San Diego where managed their social media accounts and maintained their website.

I always had an interest in virtual assistance and blogging, so I launched both in 2015. Today I enjoy helping small businesses find their voice in the online marketing world. I’m naturally creative and love to design graphics and craft well written content. It’s tremendously rewarding to help clients meet their goals.

On the personal side, I’m a self-diagnosed chocolate addict who loves to create delicious and satisfying meals and treats.

Jenn S  | Real Estate Virtual Assistant

Picture coming soon!Hi.  I’m a Chicago native with 6 (yes, 6!) children and married to one of Chicago’s South Side PD’s finest.

My background is in customer service, particularly in warehousing and transportation.  In May of 2005, I decided I needed a change from the corporate world and became a virtual assistant.  I worked with a variety of clients in different industries, but it was a real estate investor client that really changed things for me.  And once I started working in real estate, I was hooked.

Currently, I help realtors, property managers, and brokers with everything under the sun and know about all of the ins and outs of real estate including contracts and popular new marketing practices.   I’m versatile and happy to take on general real estate tasks as well as the transactional tasks.

Providing excellent customer service is extremely important to me and I take great pride in my three decades of customer service experience.  When you work with me, know that you are getting my very best.

Carrie  | Certified Virtual Expert 

Hello! I’m Carrie, your Certified Virtual Expert and Google Cloud Certified GSuite Operator. I get ridiculously excited over organization, systems, processes, and SOPs! I like to run an efficient and tight pirate ship, making sure that your time as its captain is well protected.

So what I do is is take care of all your scheduling, client care, email management, and project management needs. I’ll defend your time and processes as if they were my own.   I thrive on the collaboration process to develop and tweak systems  for optimum efficiency.

For you assessment gurus, I’ve taken several!

Kolbe Strengths: 8-fact finder, 9-follow through, 2-quick start, and 2-implementer.

Gallup Strengths: Achiever, Learner, Focus, Discipline, and Consistency.

Meyers Briggs type is “The Commander”;  E extraversion N intuition T thinking J judging.

Now you can see why organization, systems, and processes are my jam!

Amy  | Virtual Assistant

virtual assistant amy smallAs a virtual assistant, I wear multiple hats. I am an email marketing guru (hello Mail Chimp!), article editing whiz, blogger, and research master (marketing or otherwise) and I do some basic design on the side.

As a copywriter, one of my favorite things is meeting with small business owners and hearing their story to capture their personality into their website copy.  Websites communicate vital information about products and services and it should do so much more than that.  A website should be an extension of your personality and give the reader an idea of what it would be like to work with you (does your copy do that?).  Whether you’d like to be formal or more laid back, your copy doesn’t have to be stagnant. You have something unique to bring to the table, so let that be what people see.

On the personal side, I am a one hundred percent nerd.  I enjoy writing, reading science fiction, eating ethnic foods and strolling the streets of Saint Paul. I am also an avid Instagramer and enjoy photography (particularly when the subject is my dog). For some major cuteness follow my dog on Instagram @Malcolm_Kelpie.

Tracey  |  Virtual Assistant

tracey va smHi!  I live in Eastern Montana with my husband and teenage daughter. The size of our town is smaller than most people’s Wal-Marts and we just love it.  Because our nearest town is nearly an hour away, that’s why I work from home

I have been a virtual assistant for six years and LOVE it!  I enjoy meeting people from all over the United States and in other countries as well.  I get to “travel” from the comforts of my home office and never miss one of my daughter’s school events.

During the day my clients (and their clients) are my top priority.  Many times I love my client’s clients as much as they do and I am committed to taking the best of care when dealing with their needs and yours.

I am a social media nut and love that too — creating content and scheduling.  Hootsuite, Twitter, and Facebook, are my BFFs.

For you Strengths Finders, mine are woo, hamony, developer, belief and achiever.