Angie Who?

Obligatory stuff to know about Angie 

Hi there.  I’m a marketing project manager with a virtual assistance business located in Nordeast Minneapolis, the center of the universe.

My team of VAs love to help crazy-busy business owners cut through the clutter to start or finish their To Do’s  and manage the behind-the-scenes stuff.  They’re known for their focus and cheerily tackling admin tasks.

My background is an eclectic one.  I am a recovering corporate robot with over a decade of experience at a Fortune 50 company where I had been an account rep, presentation producer, and senior admin assistant for a variety of high-level execs. I was also trained as a court reporter, and my lightning-fast typing (“writing” in court reporter speak) helped me really excel.  For a time I was a top producer at a staffing company where I discovered a talent for interviewing and had an uncanny ability to match clients with the ideal candidates. Always wanting to do a stint in bartending – while I had the chance — I took  a gig at a small, quirky, family-owned establishment where I enjoyed lots of good-natured bantering with the customers and staff. It was there that I was reminded how important customer service really is and always made sure everyone had a great time.  In 2008 I became certified as a social media strategist and trained small businesses on how to be more effective with their online presence.

For you Strengths Finders folks, my top five are positivity, individualism, adaptability, relator, and achiever (explains a lot).  And if you know about Sally Hogshead’s How to Fascinate and the personality archetypes (I really love this stuff) I’m a “catalyst” (outgoing, experimental, and out-of-the-box.)  It’s an archetype defined by passion and innovation.

I’m a flexible, go-with-the-flow kind of gal and so are my virtual assistants.  Whether it’s handling the online marketing activities or general administrative tasks, here at AngCo we help small businesses get stuff done.  With a smile.