As a new Constant Contact Solutions provider, I’m happy to announce the addition of email marketing services.  If you’ve been reluctant to implement this marketing tool in your own small business (guilty as charged) read on for reasons that may change your mind.

Permission-based.  Folks who signed up for your newsletter gave you permission to communicate with them. 

Effective.  Email marketing allows you to stay in touch and communicate with your prospects and current customers.  Deliver the right message to the right audience, lists allow you to easily target your emails, based on interest, source, etc.

Not everyone is on social media.  You may think everyone on the planet is on social media, but they aren’t.  Hard to believe, but true. 

100% Ownership.  Unlike Facebook or Twitter where settings and privacy options change often, you have full access to your list and more importantly, full control. 

Simple and Affordable.  Little production and no postage cost.

Build Awareness.  Regularly sent email messages with great subject lines reinforce awareness.

Drive Traffic.   Email marketing allows you to embed links and messages to drive traffic to your web site. And with clear call to actions, such as “click here to learn more about our service” or “attend this fun, interactive event” you can get immediate responses.

Expand your reach.  With a click of a button, your readers can easily forward your message to others or even share in in their own social media networks.

Measureable.  You’ll know the open rates, who clicked on the links, and forwarded your newsletter. 

An inexpensive marketing tool, consider putting email marketing to work for your business!   

Class dismissed.