I recently read that many online users will choose to watch a video before they choose to read text.  So videos are now playing a greater role in educating and sharing information with web site visitors, a pretty powerful marketing tool.

YouTube, The Big Video Site Kahuna

If you’ve been online for awhile, you probably already know that YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world.  Another stat I recently read is that 25 percent to 30 percent of all Google searches are done through YouTube.  So clearly people are looking to YouTube to find services, products, information and solutions for their problems.

Humanize Your Biz

The days of buying from faceless brands are long gone.  For a lot web site visitors, seeing someone and their personality in a video helps build that know, like, trust factor. It’s a terrific way to convey all of those things that set you apart from your competitors.  Simply put, sometimes it’s easier to project emotions, such as honesty and integrity, in a video rather than text.

Link Love

Google indexes YouTube vids incredibly fast.  Since Google is the number one search engine who owns the number two search engine, YouTube, that makes a lot of sense.

There are many other video sharing sites other than YouTube that help with search engine optimization too.  And using videos as a method to build backlinks to your site is an excellent strategy.  What’s really great about these sites is that they allow you to include your web site in the description (a nice link pointing back to your site).  The more videos, the more backlinks, and all of this helps to increase your ranking in the search engines.

Using videos as a strategy to market your business —  while at the same time improve your SEO — is seriously worth your consideration to expand your online presence and better reach your target audience.