Hey small business owners and solopreneurs, are you still trying to do everything yourself?  Still wondering what to delegate to a virtual assistant?  Here’s a list of 21 tasks that could easily be outsourced to a VA.

Keeping You Connected – list all of the important people you haven’t seen or talked to in a while and have your virtual assistant schedule a call with them.  Space them out at one or two a week.

Stay on Top of Mind Correspondence – VAs can send thank-you notes, email blasts, holiday cards, etc., to your clients and colleagues, regularly staying in touch.

Reminders – a VA can help you remember everything so nothing falls off the radar.

Follow Up – a VA can follow up on those bothersome outstanding items.

Expenses – VAs can manage your expenses and compile them into a spreadsheet for your accountant.

Coordinate – meetings, appointments, speaking engagements, special events, and conferences.

Travel – a VA will search for the best deal and plan itinerary.

Data Entry – a perfect task for a VA, especially if this is time-consuming and repetitive.

Record Management – if your database is missing information, a VA can search and locate those hard-to-find numbers, addresses, and any other needed info.

Manage Contacts – into categories that are easy to locate.

Product Research – outsource your research for competition, quality, features, and price.

Presentations – jazz up your PowerPoints to showcase your product or service.

Transcribe – notes and audio.

Brainstorm a virtual assistant can suggest ideas for your newsletter, blog, web site, etc.

Manage User Names – have tons of user IDs and passwords?  A VA can manage those so you don’t lose them.

Proofread and Edit – two pairs of eyes are better than one.  There’s a lot of value in having someone check your grammar and spelling and most VAs are happy to do this.

Collect Testimonials – for use on your web site or print materials.

Web Site – make changes, tweaks, update content or embed videos on your web site.

Research Networking Events – admittedly a lot of networking events are a waste of time. A VA can help you be more strategic by searching events your target audience would likely attend.

Accountability Buddy and Motivator – need somebody to keep you accountable? A VA will be happy to take you to task.

You’re Unavailable – a VA can field your calls when you’re off-site, in meetings or even when you need a day off.

So that wraps up the starter list.

Outsourcing effectively is one of the differentiators in successful businesses.  So what’s stopping you from getting started?  Reduce your stress and start delegating those pesky tasks from your to-do list today.