Does your butt need saving? As entrepreneurs, we often have so many balls in the air we inevitably drop one, and sometimes it’s not even our own fault and sometimes it is.  Following are a bunch of scenarios where your virtual assistant can help you fix things quickly.

  1. You scheduled two client meetings at once and didn’t realize until the last minute you needed to cancel one of them. No worries – your virtual assistant can easily reschedule with the client.
  2. You woke up late and spilled your coffee on your iPhone – now you have no idea how to access your files. Your VA can go into your iCloud and send you the files via email. She can order you a new iPhone too.
  3. Ten minutes before you’re speaking at an event, you remember you left your jump drive with your jazzy presentation on your desk.  Call your virtual assistant and let her know.  She can  send it to you.
  4. You didn’t make the credit card payment and now you’re at the office supply store with a declined card. Ask your VA to make the payment quickly and free up your credit.
  5. Your four year old thought they were “helping” and deleted everything from your website. Your assistant knows how to access your backup and get you back online quickly.virtual assistance keep calm save butt
  6. Your biggest competitor is spreading online rumors about you. Your VA can run damage control and squelch those rumors quickly and effectively.
  7. You forgot to send a thank you to someone who referred you business for the fist time. A virtual assistant can do a little research to figure out what they like and get them something they’ll enjoy.
  8. Your son broke his ankle playing soccer and you won’t be able to get the payroll done in time. It’s okay. Your virtual assistant can run the payroll for you so your employees don’t go without a paycheck all weekend.
  9. You bought a new phone but don’t know the password to any of your accounts. Your virtual assistant has them recorded and can give you the list and get you back up and running fast.
  10. Your wife has been away on business and you’ve turned the family home into a man cave. Your VA can get a cleaning crew in there quickly and possibly save your marriage.

Virtual assistants are your secret weapons and the superheroes in your back pocket.   They save butts; it’s what they do.

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