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If you’re looking for a virtual assistant — US-based Robin to your Batman — you’ve come to the right spot. We’ve got your business sidekick right here. Before we get to that though, let’s assess your situation.

Is a virtual assistant right for your business?

  1. I have a growing business that is about to reach or has already reached the six-figure mark.
  2. I’m unable to keep up with everything myself.
  3. I understand the value of time — mine and everyone else’s. It’s something you can’t rent, borrow, multiply, or renew.
  4. I need approximately ten hours or more of VA support a month.
  5. I am determined to continue to grow my business because I’m one hundred percent committed.
  6. I don’t treat my business like a hobby. I keep my word and follow through.
  7. I’m focused. The success of my business is one of my highest priorities.
  8. I am an action-taker. I seek out opportunity to grow.
  9. I am a delegator. I understand that delegating takes an initial time investment and know it is well worth it.
  10. I am a communicator. I offer feedback so I can get what I need.
  11. I am willing to apply new concepts and engage in different ways of doing things.
  12. I know a virtual assistant is a valuable investment in my business and have realistic expectations about costs.
  13. I realize that there is no magic bullet, results don’t happen overnight and to see the true value in a virtual assistant, I am willing to commit to more than a few hours of service.
  14. I believe a virtual assistant isn’t merely someone who sits at a desk that I bark orders to.
  15. I don’t have any deep-rooted trust or control issues.

If you agree with those statements, congratulations! It looks like a virtual assistant will be a good fit.  You’ve landed at the perfect spot!

The first step in hiring a virtual assistant is to give me a call. I want to get to know you and your business better, your needs, your style in work and communication (we’re nerdy like that) so I can match you with the right VA who will love your business as much as you do, to help you grow and succeeed and make things happen!

What are you waiting for? Let’s chat!



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