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The Reality of Social Media Marketing

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Today it seems as if something-or-other goes viral every day.  And much like an Olympian, success doesn’t happen overnight; an Olympian trains all year,  if not most of their lives.    So how does this relate to social media, you ask? In keeping with the Olympian analogy, the truth is sometimes you can train endlessly and not make it to the Olympics. The key is to keep your sights on realistic goals — where you are now and where you want to go. Let’s face it, most of us will never experience what it’s like to compete in the Olympics,...

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It’s true. Social media takes time.

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Let’s be honest.  Most small business owners don’t have oodles of free time on their hands. And we at AngCo know that to be successful with social media, it’s important to be realistic about the time you’re able to commit. For this reason, many small business owners outsource to online managers and virtual assistants. Business owners just don’t have the time to get the results they want from their social media. It takes time and consistency to grow a network and maintain it. Here is the million dollar question to ask:  Is...

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LinkedIn Groups and a Hot Prospecting Tip

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1.  From your list of key people at the companies you’re targeting, look up each person’s profile on LinkedIn. If they are a third-degree connection and you’re unable to view full profile, do this: Log out of LinkedIn. Go to Google or Bing In the search bar type  first name and initial of last, “title in quotes exactly as it appears in LinkedIn” Example:  Betty B “digital marketing consultant” 2.  Check out the groups they’ve joined.  If one is a good fit for...

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The What’s-What for LinkedIn Groups

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LinkedIn Groups– A place for professionals to share content, find answers, post and view jobs, make business contacts, and establish themselves as industry experts. Where to look? The Groups Directory or view your suggested groups. The How and Why A study by Hubspot showed that LinkedIn business groups is 277% more effective for lead generation than Facebook or Twitter. There tends to be more action for B2B businesses, but don’t let that stifle your opinion just yet.  LinkedIn may not be as popular as the other two, but when it comes to...

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Use Social Media to Find Resources

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If you’re in search of a graphic designer, you may want to skip Elance and go directly to Twitter.  Finding recommended vendors and freelancers for your business may be as easy as asking the folks in your social media who they recommend. Here’s how: LinkedIn. One of the most powerful elements of LinkedIn is the “recommendations” feature. You can write, read, and request recommendations from others in your network. It may take a little legwork, but you can use this feature to find a great copywriter and read what others have to say...

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Make the distinction!

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Not again.  Last week I stumbled across a business owner who is using their personal Facebook page for business. Did you know…. Using your Facebook personal profile for business is against Facebook’s policy.  In the old days, Facebook would simply shut down those accounts.  Without warning. If you have a business, create a Facebook business page.  You wouldn’t want to use your personal bank account for business (think about unsnarling that mess come tax time). Are you missing something? Making the distinction also helps with search engine...

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Social media is NOT the only tool in your toolbox!

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I admit it.  I’ve been smitten with Google Reader for years. It’s been my weapon of sorts and depend on it to stay up on the latest and greatest content, keywords, and industry news for my clients.  A loyal fan, I’m sorry to see this go. The loss of this beloved tool got me thinking… What IF Facebook went away?  Or Twitter or LinkedIn? A shocking thought, but altogether possible. Would your relationships with your customers be toast? I’m always surprised when a small business owner confesses that they solely depend on social...

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How To Connect with Experts on Social Media

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Ever thought you could have a conversation with the founder of Virgin Airlines or the CEO of Zappos, one of the most successful online shoe and apprarel shops?  Did you ever think you could have a chat with the rock star experts within your own industry?   Well, you can, through social media sites, such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn. Here’s how: Check out their Twitter, Facebook Biz Page, LinkedIn Group and blog.  To get on their radar, see what they’re blogging about and sharing on social media.  Retweet them,...

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9 Reasons To Do Email Marketing

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As a new Constant Contact Solutions provider, I’m happy to announce the addition of email marketing services.  If you’ve been reluctant to implement this marketing tool in your own small business (guilty as charged) read on for reasons that may change your mind. Permission-based.  Folks who signed up for your newsletter gave you permission to communicate with them.  Effective.  Email marketing allows you to stay in touch and communicate with your prospects and current customers.  Deliver the right message to the right audience,...

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